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Rice Festival in Porto Tolle, September 2024 - Traditions of the Po Delta

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Luogo:Porto Tolle (RO)



The Po Delta areas are always poised between land and water, and between freshwater and brackish water lands.

This fragile balance has in the past affected the area, which has had high rates of emigration.

Today, the changing relationship between land, rivers and sea has become a strong point: the nature of the Po Delta Park, the fishing valleys and breeding of prized shellfish (Scardovari mussels, clams…), and the cultivation of Rice.

The rice of the Po Delta is today – together with the Veronese one – an agri-food garrison and every September the rice festival takes place with its Gala.

Dishes that gather local ingredients include rice with borlotti and mussels or cuttlefish on rice porridge.

It is important for root travelers to rediscover Italian-style, or Veneto-style, rice, which was an important dish in northern Italy and Veneto (when spaghetti had not yet been invented).

Pro Loco members will be able to guide you to the kitchens but also to the places of cultivation, including remembering the ancient ways of harvesting.


13 September 24

15 September 24


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Comune di Porto Tolle, Piazza Ciceruacchio, Porto Tolle, RO, Italia

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By car: Comacchio - Lagosanto RA8 Raccordo A13 Exit / Porto Garibaldi RA8 Raccordo A13 Exit

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