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Route length 4 days

Rediscovering the roots and wonders of Belluno and the Dolomites: a journey to the lands of the ancestors

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The experience

The itinerary proposed below, is a route that will take you to discover some of the wonders of the Belluno area, a place of departure for so many migrants in the world. This three-day itinerary is designed for families descended from emigrants from Veneto, eager to rediscover the land of their ancestors. Belluno, located in the heart of the Veneto region, offers a unique combination of history, culture and breathtaking scenery. On this journey, we will explore not only local history and traditions, but also the deep connection to the past that every descendant can experience.

From the Dolomites, a UNESCO natural heritage site, to carefully cultivated products such as the famous Lamon bean, to the places of Bellunese memory, this itinerary aims to introduce you to some of the many treasures of the land of your ancestors and that are part of its own history. Throughout your stay, you will be accompanied by multiple experienced people living in the area. This will ensure that in addition to sharing historical knowledge, you can create a human connection with the land itself, the home of your origins.


Unesco Heritage
Migration apple
Interaction with the local community


History and Culture

We begin our adventure by exploring the historic city center of Belluno. A local guide will take us on a tour that includes the Cathedral and the Rectors’ Palace. These iconic places will serve as a backdrop to hear the stories of the emigrants who lived and worked in these areas, offering participants a tangible link to the past.

For lunch, we will stop at one of the restaurants in the historic center, where you can enjoy typical Bellunese dishes, allowing visitors to savor local traditions through food.

Address: Belluno, BL, Italy

MiM - Interactive Museum of Migration

The afternoon will be devoted to a visit to the MIM Belluno Museum, a unique interactive museum in the Veneto region that tells the story of Bellunese and Veneto migration around the world. Next, we will visit the Associazione Bellunesi nel Mondo, where we will explore the Dino Buzzati Library, which houses a vast collection of volumes devoted to Bellunese migration to different countries around the world.

In the evening, we will have the unique opportunity to participate in an interview on the Association of Bellunesi in the World’s web radio station, Radio ABM, Voice of the Dolomites. This will allow participants to share their experiences and reflections on returning to their roots.

The evening will be free, offering participants time to reflect on the day’s intense experiences or to further explore the city of Belluno at their leisure.

Dinner and overnight stay in a downtown hotel.

Address: Ass. Bellunesi nel Mondo, Via Cavour 3, BL, Italy

Discovering the PGI bean

We start the day with a trip to Sovramonte, an area renowned for the cultivation of the Lamon bean, a Slow Food presidium and a product of excellence of the Belluno tradition. Here, we will visit some of the crops and meet local farmers who will tell us about the history and cultivation techniques of this prized legume. Lamon bean is produced by traditionally ecological methods, carefully selected and patiently processed. The seed production area is limited to the Lamon and Sovramonte plateau. Church visit and informal meeting with the pastor and mayor.

The discovery of the wonders of Belluno does not end here: would you like to taste the traditional dishes that with much passion your ancestors prepared in your family? For lunch, we thought of those delicacies from your history and therefore. We will stop at a typical inn in the area. Here, we will have the opportunity to taste traditional dishes prepared with Lamon Bean, accompanied by other local products. This meal will be an authentic expression of Belluno cuisine, highlighting the quality and flavor of this special ingredient.

In the afternoon, we will participate in a cooking workshop focusing on Lamon Bean. We will learn how to prepare several traditional recipes that enhance the unique flavor of this bean. After the workshop, we will indulge in a tasting of local products, offering participants a full and rich culinary experience. It will be a great opportunity to rediscover and recreate that magical atmosphere inside an old village kitchen.

We will return to Belluno in the late afternoon. The evening will be available for participants to relax, reflect on the day’s experiences, or further explore the city of Belluno at their leisure.

Address:Lamon, BL, Italy

Faller and the Prussian Apple

We start the day with a trip to Faller, a beautiful mountain hamlet, known for being the Prussian apple growing area, in dialect Pom Prussian. This Apple is a child of emigration. An apple arrived from Germany to this Dolomite territory thanks to two emigrants from Belluno. We begin with a guided tour of the village center accompanied by hamlet volunteers. Church visit and informal meeting with the pastor and mayor.

For lunch, we will stop at a typical inn belonging to a new establishment in the area known as albergo diffuso run by young people. Here, we will have the opportunity to taste traditional dishes prepared with the Apple such as jams, natural juices and Pan di Mel, i.e. a true mix of flavors and special ingredients from the area. You are in for a unique time of sharing with the people of the village who will introduce you to the same old recipes of your ancestors, all in the spirit of excitement and family warmth.

In the afternoon we will visit some family farms specializing in the cultivation of this apple variety.

This was followed by that of sculptures made by local artists with wood from trees felled by storm Vaia, which caused extensive damage in 2018.

Aperitif and tasting of local apple products in the Old Town, meeting with the youth group organizing the traditional Prussian Apple Festival. Few things taste as good as Prussian apple jams, preserves, pies and cakes, all made according to old recipes from the village. Get ready for a unique and very sweet tasting!

Return to Belluno in the evening.

Address:Faller, BL, Italy

Nature and relaxation in the Dolomites

We start the day with a trip to the Belluno Dolomites National Park, a jewel of the Italian natural heritage, as well as recognized as a UNESCO protected place. Here, we will take a guided hike along one of the most accessible trails in the park, suitable for all levels of hikers. During the hike, we will admire the park’s extraordinary flora and fauna and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The guide will provide us with information on the geological peculiarities of the Dolomites and the natural history of the area.

In one of the park’s picturesque picnic areas we will have lunch outdoors with typical regional products, such as local cheeses, cold cuts, fresh bread, and perhaps a glass of wine or juice. It will be an opportunity to relax and soak in the tranquility of nature.

After lunch, participants will have free time for short walks or to learn more about the park at one of the visitor centers.

We will return to Belluno in the late afternoon. The evening will be free, offering participants the opportunity to explore the city further, perhaps dining at one of its local restaurants to enjoy more specialties of Venetian cuisine.

Address: Dolomites National Park, BL, Italy


End of services

We would like to point out that this three-day route, can be integrated and lengthened by aggregating it with other regional routes.

In addition, for a more impactful experience, it will be possible to arrange meetings with members of the Association of Bellunesi in the World at any time since there are branch offices in many municipalities in the province. These meetings, will be crucial if you want to create an even stronger relationship with the land of your ancestors.

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