Groundbreaking for "MuVin," Verona's Wine Museum

22 February 2024

2 minutes

In 2023, the foundation stone was laid, albeit a virtual one, for MuVin, the International Wine Museum that will be based in Verona, at the behest of the Verona Wine Museum Foundation officially established in 2022.

The idea is to open a year-round usable international wine museum in the city of Verona, which has hosted the International Wine Fair every April since 1967.

The museum will be housed in Verona’s Mercatali Galleries, an example of Italian industrial archaeology.

This project is an extremely important step for our country in that for the first time there will be an international wine museum, which can compete with those in other European countries such as Spain, Portugal and France.

Vines and wine are not only products to learn about a specific territory but tell a story of a connection between those who emigrated and the territory they left behind. Especially from the Veneto region, one would leave with a cardboard suitcase, but inside filled with the future and dreams, and also with cuttings among the cloths or even among the potatoes to keep them moist during the long journey. The vine shoot was the sign of a memory that was not to fade but to continue to live on, planted, in the new lands. Therefore, the Wine Museum takes on even greater significance for the root tourist, who in turn will be able to spread and become an ambassador of this product to the world.

The common goal is to make it the most important wine museum in Europe and the world.

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